Google is killing its RSS feed component Google Reader!

What a tragedy!
Firing off my browser today like most days, I was naive enough to believe that today was like just another day. Unfortunately when I tried to access Google Reader, I was confronted with a message in the Reader View like this:
Google Reader will not be available from July 1, 2013

Google Reader will not be available from July 1, 2013

And then I started to realize that world will be never be the same again for me! Words like retire, offline, shut down, discontinue, close was flying over my head just as they do in cartoons. Just kidding 🙂
As part of her second spring of cleaning Google just announced that she would be Powering Down Google Reader on July 1, 2013.
What a tragic end that would be for poor folks like me who start off their day’s activity by reading the rss feed items off the Google Reader 😦
Maybe we shall have to get used to using desktop apps like FeedDemon or web apps like Feedly for they can seamlessly import Google Reader’s feeds.
I think we all the know the main reason behind Google‘s decision to take this measure as it’s trying its utmost to publicize its very own social media weapon Google+.
If you are among those who use Google +, here’s a good post detailing How to Survive the Switch from Google Reader to Google+. Unfortunately I am not among the fans of Google+ yet.

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