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Saving energy by saving electricity, water and gas at home or offices

It goes without saying that saving energy will save us in turn in not too distant a future. So often we are careless about these in our daily lives both at home or our offices that we fail to value the importance of saving energy at our homes or offices be that water,gas or electrical energy. Sometimes just the right mindset or the awareness of the fact that you can make a difference by saving some energy, can do a great deal because it can all add up when we can do it collectively. Not only will it help us as a country to solve energy deficiency, but it can even solve our power outage problem in as granular a level as our local area. It’s quite simple really. When you save energy or rather don’t waste energy or electricity for instance, the total consumption of electricity goes down in that locality. Hence, a single person can lower the chances load shedding in a locality which should be motivating itself. Enough of prosaic talk. Here are few tips or guidances that you can follow both at your home or your office to save some amount of energy like electricity or gas. Without giving you a big list, I can only preach what I practice, so here they are:

1. Always remember to switch off the toilet light when you are done using it.

2. Always turn the tap off when you are brushing your teeth or shaving yourself.

3. Always turn the tap off when you are taking a bath. Best is to replenish the bucket beforehand and then start taking bath.

4. Always switch off your television when you are done using it. No stand by please! It can even save you from damaging your television set in times of lightening.

5. Always put off the fan and the lights of a room as soon as you leave it.

6. Always switch off your air-conditioners when you leave the room for a substantial (e.g. more than 30 minutes) period of time.

7. Always use the power saver option of the air-conditioner or keep it at a temperature around 74 degrees Fahrenheit or 23.33 degrees Celsius because research shows this temperature is optimum for our comfort. At the same time, it has the added benefit of saving 5-10% of your electricity bill for each degree of temperature change at the end of the month if you keep the temperature above 74 degrees Fahrenheit or 23.33 degrees Celsius.

8. Always turn off the gas stove when you are done for the moment. Never keep it on for the hope that you will need it later for cooking more. After all, you only need to waste a match stick or a gas lighter to turn it on second time. Please try to follow this religiously, as even we, as a country, don’t have unlimited gas resources. It will help your great grand children by allowing them to burn the gas resources at that time which otherwise they might not even have access to.

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