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Top UX Design Pattern and Interaction Design Resources

I was surfing through the internet (i.e. Google) for Progress Indicator Pattern as part of the UX or User Experience Design Patterns in Ajax Patterns and was merrily reading on the Quince and JS Patterns Progress Indicator Pattern articles when I stumbled upon this idea that I should blog about the UI Design Patterns or UX Design Patterns as they are more popularly known.

Going by the UX Zeitgeist, the following resources are pre-eminent:

Design Pattern Library from Yahoo! Developer Network
Designing Interfaces
The UI Pattern Factory
Quince: UX Patterns Explorer
User Interface Design Pattern Library
Designing Social Interfaces
UI Patterns and Techniques
Blog about Interaction Design and Usability
Interaction Design (IxD)
Interaction Design Pattern Library
10 UI Design Patterns You Should Be Paying Attention To
The Interaction Design Patterns Page
The Five Competencies of User Experience Design
Design Patterns – Fluid Project Wiki
Blog site on Designing Web Interfaces for Principles and Patterns for Rich Interaction
Design Patterns at a glance >> The Design of Sites
40+ Helpful Resources On User Interface Design Patterns

Mix 2009 presentation with video titled Advance Your Design with UX Design Patterns

Quite literally, UX Zeitgeist is a new tool to track the books, people, trends, and topics in the User Experience (UX) community.

If you folks could think of any top ones that I missed out on, please feel free to suggest. Just remember we are compiling the ‘top’ ones here not just few to make a list.

Weekly Link Roundup – 1

Links published on April 13, 2009:

101 Essential Resources For Freelancers

This article contains:

  • Must Read Articles For Freelancers
  • Blogs Freelancers Should Subscribe To
  • Forums For Freelancers
  • Where To Find Freelancing Gigs
  • Useful Tools For Freelancers
  • Freelancer Survey Results

Interesting Web Development Related Resources

This article contains resources on JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, ASP.NET AJAX etc.

10 Creative & Rich UI & How to Create Them

10 creative & rich UI in modern day websites and how you can create similar interfaces using the techniques mentioned in this post.

jQuery UI provides a comprehensive set of core interaction plugins, UI widgets and visual effects that use a jQuery-style, event-driven architecture and a focus on web standards, accessibility, flexible styling, and user-friendly design. All plugins are tested for compatibility in IE 6.0+, FF 2+, Safari 3.1+, Opera 9.0+, and Google Chrome.

CSS Dock Menu ala KDE

See it to believe it. It has quite amazing resemblance to the KDE environment or Apple Macintosh like UI.

Simple Round CSS Links ( Wii Buttons ): Quite a nice way to embellish your buttons or links through CSS. Give it a try.

Nice Bubble Tooltips written with JavaScript. The balloon like feature is attractive.

Programmer Competency Matrix: Very interesting way to calculate capability index for your fellow developers or yourself as a matter of writing!

20 Things Programmers Say When Something Is Not Working

This is a very funny yet a true representation of events during software development life-cycle.