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Diabetes – What you must know

While I am not a medial expert, this is my small endeavor to shed some light on the deadliest of diseases. It is the most dangerous silent killer.

There are two types of diabetes mellitus:

1. Diabetes Type 1 – This might have some connection to hereditary genes but it’s not absolutely clear what causes Type 1 diabetes. If diabetes is known to run in the family for many years then heredity plays a major role in development of diabetes. People who belong to family background having history of diabetes are 25% more prone to develop diabetes.

2. Diabetes Type 2 – This has to do with obesity, diet/overeating, lifestyle, emotional stress, smoking, age etc. Most people with diabetes, nearly 90 percent of sufferers are Type 2. Type 2 diabetes usually starts around age 45, but a recent report showed children in Australia are now suffering from the disease.

For more on the causes of diabetes, please visit here and here to enlighten yourself. Here’s an article from BBC web site here for the causes of diabetes.

Now, the question most ask is ‘Does Sugar Cause Diabetes’? Most people think it does. This is probably the most common misconception about diabetes. The short answer is a ‘NO’. For the long answer please visit here.