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Champions League Twenty20 2009 Game in Cricinfo Fantasy Cricket is Live!

The Champions League  Twenty20 2009 tournament is finally set to start on the 8th of October, 2009 at 14:30 GMT.

I have earlier blogged about Announcing new league on Cricinfo Fantasy Cricket for ICC Champions Trophy 2009 and also suggested a few tips on playing the game through Cricinfo Fantasy Cricket Tips for Twenty20 Worldcup 2009.

There are two games running for this tournament in Cricinfo:

1. Champions League Pick’em for match result prediction game.

2. Champions League for player performance prediction game.

So guys start building your teams for the game soon. Here are few important pointers from the Cricinfo Fantasy Cricket game site itself regarding the Champions League game.

Some points to note

Transfers: Unlimited transfers are allowed only until 14:30 GMT on Oct 8, 2009. Thereafter, you have got 20 transfers available till the group matches get over on Oct 20, 2009. This will be followed by a period of ‘unlimited transfers’ till the first semi-final starts at 14:30 GMT on Oct 21, 2009. For a detailed look at the match and cut-off timings, please refer to the matches covered page.

Cut-off timelines for transfers: Teams (including the Trump Player) are ‘locked’ at the cut-off time for every match. Any changes made to your team after the cut-off time come into effect only from the next cut-off onwards.

Score Updates: Scores will be updated shortly after the end of every day’s play. Next Match Scheduled at: 08-Oct-2009 14:30 GMT Update Your Team Latest by: 08-Oct-2009 14:30 GMT

How to Change Team

Number of team changes allowed for this fantasy game is as per the schedule below:
Event/Match Timeline Transfers
Before start of Round-robin 08-Oct-2009 14:30 GMT Unlimited
Round-robin 08-Oct-2009 14:30 GMT to 20-Oct-2009 00:00 GMT 20
In Between Round-robin and Semi-finals and Final 20-Oct-2009 00:00 GMT to 21-Oct-2009 14:30 GMT Unlimited
Semi-finals and Final 21-Oct-2009 14:30 GMT to 24-Oct-2009 00:00 GMT 6