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Champions League Twenty20 2009 Game in Cricinfo Fantasy Cricket is Live!

The Champions League  Twenty20 2009 tournament is finally set to start on the 8th of October, 2009 at 14:30 GMT.

I have earlier blogged about Announcing new league on Cricinfo Fantasy Cricket for ICC Champions Trophy 2009 and also suggested a few tips on playing the game through Cricinfo Fantasy Cricket Tips for Twenty20 Worldcup 2009.

There are two games running for this tournament in Cricinfo:

1. Champions League Pick’em for match result prediction game.

2. Champions League for player performance prediction game.

So guys start building your teams for the game soon. Here are few important pointers from the Cricinfo Fantasy Cricket game site itself regarding the Champions League game.

Some points to note

Transfers: Unlimited transfers are allowed only until 14:30 GMT on Oct 8, 2009. Thereafter, you have got 20 transfers available till the group matches get over on Oct 20, 2009. This will be followed by a period of ‘unlimited transfers’ till the first semi-final starts at 14:30 GMT on Oct 21, 2009. For a detailed look at the match and cut-off timings, please refer to the matches covered page.

Cut-off timelines for transfers: Teams (including the Trump Player) are ‘locked’ at the cut-off time for every match. Any changes made to your team after the cut-off time come into effect only from the next cut-off onwards.

Score Updates: Scores will be updated shortly after the end of every day’s play. Next Match Scheduled at: 08-Oct-2009 14:30 GMT Update Your Team Latest by: 08-Oct-2009 14:30 GMT

How to Change Team

Number of team changes allowed for this fantasy game is as per the schedule below:
Event/Match Timeline Transfers
Before start of Round-robin 08-Oct-2009 14:30 GMT Unlimited
Round-robin 08-Oct-2009 14:30 GMT to 20-Oct-2009 00:00 GMT 20
In Between Round-robin and Semi-finals and Final 20-Oct-2009 00:00 GMT to 21-Oct-2009 14:30 GMT Unlimited
Semi-finals and Final 21-Oct-2009 14:30 GMT to 24-Oct-2009 00:00 GMT 6

Cricinfo Fantasy Cricket Tips for Twenty20 Worldcup 2009

As many of you might already know, the T20 World cup is just a day away from kick off as tomorrow, June the 5th, is the day when England lock horns with the Netherlands for the curtain raiser of the Twenty20 world cup 2009. As has been blogged previously by me, Cricinfo, as with every cricket tournament being staged at the international stage, is arranging their Fantasy Cricket competition for the same by the name International 20-20. Today I want to provide few tips for those folks out there striving for participating and doing well in the game. I am not an expert with the fantasy game but I have some experience with their earlier fantasy game with a degree of success like IPL et al. My team named ‘May Flower’, by the codename ‘Velvet Flair’, ranked as high as 7th in the world but I came plumetting down to earth at the closing stages of the IPL. But that’s another story! Let’s get down to bullet points now 🙂 Yep, I love bullet points:

1. Don’t be emotional while building your team i.e. don’t hoard your team with players from the country you support instead approach it a degree with impartiality and pure cricketing point of view.

2. Don’t hoard a team of superstars because then you would invariably have to sacrifice the balance of your team for you will then need to take cheap/non-performing players in your team.

3. Do take batsmen who are likely to come up at the top of the order and hence give you good points in return by scoring runs at the top of the order. Otherwise, you run the risk that your batsmen won’t get to bat in every game.

4. Do take batsmen who might score few e.g. 20/30 but score them in quick-time i.e. having a strike rate close to 200 because that way you would get bonus points. On the contrary, if you take regular/proper/orthodox batsmen in your team,  they might end up scoring at run a ball or lower strike rate in which case you will get negative points.

5. Do try to think deeply about the formation of your side. For instance, one might go for having 3 all-rounders and 2 bowlers instead of having 4 bowlers and 2 all-rounders because in a short game like T20 bowlers are likely to go for runs and in the process will reap you ‘negative’ dividends :). The reverse is also true i.e. your batters might get out for a few runs and your bowlers might get lot of wickets. Hence the point is to form a team according to the kind of personnel you have i.e if you have good bowlers in your side go for 4 bowler strategy whereas if you are planning to take good all-rounders go for 4 all-rounders and 2 bowler strategy.

6. Do give the total substitution scenario a great thought because a tournament so short as this, the entire duration of which being only 15 days, will require you to handle your substitutions judiciously. As you might know, there would be 40 substitutions allowed for the entire length of the tournament. Hence, it is imperative that you regularly substitute players wisely to gain the most points for the day. For instance, one might want to pack his/her team with players from England for the opening day so as to maximize the chance of gaining most points and then substitute some non-performing players from that game with Australian/Indian/Bangladeshi/West Indian/New Zealanders as those teams are scheduled to play on the 6th of June, 2009.

Please have a look at this document to gauze the kind of long term planning that one can make in such a tournament with so many substitutions allowed duriong the course of it. Mind you the substitutions allowed until the start of the game tomorrow is ‘unlimited’. Hence, if you haven’t created a team yet do so right now. Otherwise, you won’t get the ‘unlimited transfer benefit’ after tomorrow. I have also changed the ‘Super Eights’ schedule a bit by guessing who are likely to be in the ‘Super Eights’ and are likely to be placed in which group. Please note that before every game, I have written “In = Player1 (Country1), Out = Player2 (Country2)”. That means, I am planning to substitute Player2 with Player1 before the game.  So you get the idea, right? In the document, I am just trying to give you a sense of planning for the tournament. The antipated ‘Super Eights’ schedule might get screwed up but the point is you need to swap in and out players to get maximum points for a given day.

Happy playing!

Announcing new league on Cricinfo Fantasy Cricket for T20 World Cup 2009

Folks, join my League on Cricinfo Fantasy Cricket for T20 World Cup 2009 with this LPIN:


Cricinfo Fantasy Cricket for “International 20-20” tournament aka T20 World Cup is commencing on the 5th of June, 2009. It’s a pretty simple game which requires you to create a cricket team comprising of 11 players and then wait for the match to commence. After every match you are given out points based on the performance of your cricketers (wickets taken, catches taken, runs scored, sixes scored, maidens bowled, Man-of-the-match award winner etc. ). So, all you need to do is create a team with good bunch of players who are likely to give you good points at the end of every match. That’s it! So, please take a little time to register yourself on their site first and then just create your team wisely. Mind you, you can have substitutes as well but for the game rules, please read the game pages carefully. Here you go, I am really looking forward to locking horns with you guys there to see who has the shrewdest cricketing mind amongst us.

To sum things up, just register and then go to the Fantasy home page from where you will select the” Join League” menu option from the left and use the LPIN provided at the top to join in my league. That’s it, you are done! Let’s beat the world!