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Announcing new league on Cricinfo Fantasy Cricket for ICC Champions Trophy 2009

It’s fantasy cricket time once again as countries lock horns against countries in the ICC Champions Trophy 2009 scheduled to begin on the 22nd of September, 2009.

According to Wikipedia, the 2009 ICC Champions Trophy is a One Day International cricket tournament to be held in South Africa between 22 September and 5 October.

Earlier this year, I ran another league on the T20 World Cup that was held in England during the month of June. Here’s that posting for you to get up to speed with the game:

Announcing new league on Cricinfo Fantasy Cricket for T20 World Cup 2009

Cricinfo has just announced couple of games for the upcoming 8 team Champions Trophy tournament.

Champions Trophy

This is the most exciting game of the two as you need to pick the right players to play the tournament. You can create a maximum of two teams in this game. Do make sure you have both the teams ready come match day on the 22nd because that gives you some insurance against one of your teams not doing well. In that case, you can always fall back upon your second team. The key is to pick two different teams with different combination so as to maximize your chances of success. There are few rules regarding transfers for this game:

Unlimited transfers are allowed only until 12:30 GMT on Sep 22, 2009. Thereafter, you have got 12 transfers available till the group matches get over on Sep 30, 2009. This will be followed by a period of ‘unlimited transfers’ till the first semi-final that starts at 12:30 GMT on Oct 2, 2009. Thereafter there would be 4 transfers allowed for the Semi-finals and Final.

I have created a league named “Velvet Flair Champions Trophy” for this very game. Do join me and rest of the folks to lock horns amongst ourselves and see who has got the best cricket brain to match this contest. In order to join join my League on Cricinfo Fantasy Cricket for the ICC Champions Trophy 2009 you need to use this LPIN:


Champions Trophy Pick’em

This is another game where you need to predict the winner or loser in each game. But you have to do this right before the tournament starts.

I have also created a league named “Velvet Flair’s CT Pick’em” for the Champions Trophy Pick’em game. Here’s the LPIN for the league:


To join the leagues,

Step 1: Go to Cricinfo Fantasy Cricket

Step 2: Login with your Cricinfo ID (you will need to register if you do not have one)

Step 3: Create an entry for yourself (this step is optional if you already have one)

Step 4: Click on ‘Join a League’ on the Left Hand Navigation

Step 5: On the page which appears, select your entry, copy and paste the unique invitation code (LPIN) mentioned above

Step 6: You are now a member of the league – all set to play Cricinfo Fantasy Cricket

In order to get some tips on the game and get abreast with the nuances of this fantasy league do read my earlier blog post below for the Twenty20 Worldcup held in June 2009 in England:

Cricinfo Fantasy Cricket Tips for Twenty20 Worldcup 2009

And here are few important links you need to keep your eyes on:

How to Score Points

How to Change Team

Matches Covered

How to Select Team

Have fun playing!